Saturday, September 28, 2013

Highlights of our Week

Another busy week has passed us quickly by!  Here's a little of what we've been up to this past week....

Monday was flu shot and out-to-breakfast day.  Then school.  Laundry and household chores for me and Olivia.  Then home for dinner and homework before piano lessons.

Tuesday was school and preschool for the kids...kid-free grocery shopping for me.  Then home for dinner and homework before swim lessons.

The photo Olivia's teacher sent me of her having fun at preschool.

Wednesday we dropped my yellow painted car off to be fixed.  Then school for the big kids and BSF for me and Olivia.  Out to lunch with Daddy at Panera who stayed home to work and to chauffeur us around because we were down to one car.  Found out it was going to take a few days longer to get my car fixed (apparently there was yellow paint in places previously not able to be seen-gah!).  Got a rental car for the next few days.  Too tired for AWANA so we spent the night relaxing at home after dinner.  We also tackled a few things to prepare for Zach's first ever upcoming birthday party next week!

Thursday was school and preschool again.  All three kids crammed into their car/booster seats in the back of our rental Toyota Camry.  At first the kids were enamored by the "new" car we were borrowing.  By the end of the day....they were wishing for our car to be returned...Apparently it was a little squishy for all three of them in the small backseat! 

After a hurried dinner the big kids and I were off to see "Charlotte's Web" at the Minnesota Children's Theater.  I won some free tickets a couple weeks ago and after speed-reading through the book by E.B. White the kids were incredibly excited to see the play.

We arrived super early, which was ok because there were plenty of things to look at!

Zach was especially enamored by this chandelier and insisted upon a picture with it!

Writing their names on Charlotte's Web.

By the end of the evening the web was full of kids' messages!

We also had a quick snack from the concession stand before heading in to find our seats.  The kids were even more excited when they saw the stage set up to look just like Zuckerman's farm. 

I couldn't believe how close we were to the stage!  For free tickets, I was expecting nose bleed seats, but we were only 5 rows from the front.  The kids were enamored from beginning to end.  All the actors were dressed up to look like the animals from the book and Charlotte was even suspended from wires attached to the ceiling to make it look like she was jumping/floating like a real spider. 

The kids' favorite parts were the scenes from the county fair and when Charlotte "wrote" on her web (they used some pretty cool black-light effects to make the words "magically" appear).  They were both teary eyed at the end upon Charlotte's departure, but were quickly brought back to laughing by Templeton's antics (honestly, Templeton was a RIOT the whole way through!) 
The play was incredibly well done and upon leaving Zach declared it the best movie he had ever seen.  On the way home the kids' discussed what parts were like the book and what parts were different...both were a little distraught at some of the liberties taken...especially Zach who really wanted everything to be literally the same as the book! 
At first Olivia was sad to be left home, but after a trip with Daddy to Cherry Berry were she indulged in a bowl of pink ice cream with pink toppings, she was quite alright.  She couldn't wait to tell me all about on Friday morning. 
Friday morning we were all up bright and early (despite our late night...made even later by the fact that I got a little lost in downtown Minneapolis on the way home after the play) to get ready to participate in the kids' school's annual fundraiser...the FUNDATHON!  I spent the morning and the afternoon helping out at the inflatable obstacle course. 

Olivia and Zach got a chance to go through the obstacle course in the afternoon before the big kids came out. 

The Fundathon is an annual track and field day where the kids raise money through sponsors who donate money in support of their efforts.  All proceeds directly benefit their much better than selling wrapping paper and chocolates!    There were several stations set up outside (tug of war, sled races, sack races, etc) and even though the rain threatened to disrupt the fun a couple of times, it mostly held off.  We had a great time, but were pretty tired by the end of the day. 
Ben spent his day on a golf outing for work where he had his closest-hole-in-one experience ever.  I told him he should have just blown on the ball to get it to go in!
We finally picked up my car last night and gladly returned our rental.  After a restful night we are catching up on housework this morning before I leave for worship team this afternoon and we gear up for another week of fun next week.  Zach is especially excited because, he reminded us, "SUNDAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!"   

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