Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Love Fall Weekends!

Last weekend my sister and her family came up to our neck of the woods for a short, but sweet visit.  After a full family photo shoot on Saturday, we enjoyed a celebratory birthday lunch in honor of my sister and dad's September birthdays followed by Saturday night church.  It was definitely a full day and as we loaded up to come home from my parents' house on Saturday evening, we were all pretty exhausted!  Even Finn slept away the entire ride home snug in his kennel. 

The plan was for Sunday to be a bit of a recovery day, but when I looked at our calendar, I realized our upcoming week was crazy busy too.  My sister had brought us a whole grocery bag full of apples that I was planning to make into applesauce, and although I hadn't originally planned to tackle the job on Sunday, we decided there was really no better time to get the job done.

After Ben did a little bit of tweaking on the apple peeler/corer/slicer I borrowed from my mom, it worked like a charm to quickly prep all the apples.  Although Ben was reluctant to release control of the super awesome apple contraption, he did allow the kids to each have a turn at the crank.

The kids were way beyond thrilled to find this apple that looked like a butt.  Lovely.

After the sink was full of peels and cores, I put our apple pot on the stove to simmer. 

A couple hours later and with the addition of some cinnamon and sugar, we had some pretty awesome applesauce!

We spent the rest of Sunday catching up on some yard work and housework before heading out to a local park for a long walk.  The kids took their bikes while Ben and I walked Finn along the trails.  Although Zach almost had a coronary when we decided to trespass on a few "closed" paths, he eventually got over his fear enough that he could bike along with us.  Granted, the entire time he was keeping an eye out for the police because he was convinced we would be arrested and thrown into addition to reminding Ben and I the entire time that we were "BREAKING THE LAW!"

We took a break at the park for snacks and for Ben to finish listening to the Packers Game.  The kids played while Ben listened...a little brokenheartedly (don't worry...he felt better upon discovering the Vikings suffered the same fate).

It was a great beginning to many Fall weekends to come! 

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