Monday, September 2, 2013

The Piano

Music has always been a big part of our lives and we've been dancing, singing, and playing instruments since the day each of our kids were born.

For some reason I had it in my mind that when Allie began school it would also be a good time for her to begin piano lessons and I planned to do the same for Zach and Olivia.

Well, kindergarten for Allie came and went...and no piano lessons.  First grade for Allie came and went...and piano lessons. 


Because we had no piano.  I had a cruddy little keyboard from my college days that I used to help pass my piano proficiency exam, but it was definitely not adequate for a beginner learning to read music and play piano for the very first time.

So, when my sister offered to loan me her full-size electronic keyboard a few weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity and called right away to schedule both Allie and Zach lessons. 

On a whim, I also thought I would check Craigslist just in case there was some one out there looking to get rid of an upright piano. 

And, lo and behold, there was a family less than a mile from our house looking to GIVE AWAY their piano.  I could not believe it! 

I e-mailed right away and thanks to my brother and Ben, the free piano found its way into our downstairs music room/office last week. 

Granted, it was no easy task maneuvering that piano down the stairwell.  In fact, my brother vowed to never help us move anything ever again and Ben claimed if we ever put the house up for sale, it will come with a free piano.  I think our appreciation for the vocation of "piano mover" has increased dramatically through this whole experience. 

Although not perfect, the piano is in really good shape, completely playable, and just in need of a good tuning (which will be happening this week because I can barely STAND IT!). 

With the piano in place and lesson books ordered, the kids are excited to begin lessons (and practicing) next week!

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