Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Zach!

Zach, I can hardly believe you are already six.  SIX?!  And you're in kindergarten....I mean, you actually go to school with the big kids now! 

This past year, especially, we've seen so much growth in you.  We once thought of you as shy, and while you are definitely a bit more cautious, observant, and quiet, you definitely are not shy.  You are making new friends every day and care about them deeply.  You even asked me last week if it would be ok if you told some of your school friends about Jesus because you didn't think they knew Him.

You are still a rule follower and Daddy and I can always count on you to be aware of traffic laws and signs.  Now that you are reading, it has become a bit more difficult for us to slightly bend those rules because you will ALWAYS tell us when we are breaking the law.

You are hilarious and smart.  Two qualities that can often get you into lots of trouble here at home.  Daddy and I have to hide our laughter frequently so you don't think your misbehavior is ok.  We are convinced you should seriously consider a career as a lawyer...because with your impeccable memory and negotiation skills, you are able to logically argue your point of view on almost anything. 

You have more questions than I will ever be able to answer....and you still get mad at me when I tell you I truly don't know how every single thing in the world works.  I think you get so upset because you don't believe me...which makes me suspect that you think I am a lot smarter than I really am.  However, now that you understand we can simply type in your question to receive instant answers on my phone, you're response to all of my "I don't knows," is simply, "Just Google it, Mom!" 

You still love the Green Bay Packers and the snacks that come with watching a football game with Daddy.  Actually, you pretty much love anything when Daddy and snacks are involved. 

Happy Sixth Birthday, buddy!  We love you and know God has great plans for you...what a joy to watch you grow along the way!

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