Friday, October 11, 2013

The Week's Highlights

Target run with Olivia, school for the big kids, beautiful weather for an afternoon bike ride/dog walk with Olivia and Zach, piano lessons for the big kids.

School for all, solo grocery store run, another gorgeous afternoon to spend outside, swim lessons for the big kids

School for the big kids, Bible Study for Olivia and I, Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party for one of Allie's friends at school. 

Actually, Allie's friend invited all three of the kids to her party, so Zach and Olivia got to come too.  All three ran around playing games like crazies to accumulate a multitude of tickets.  When we got to the prize counter at the end of the party with all of our tickets in tow, the following conversation ensued between Olivia and the prize counter worker (who was a high school kid training in another high school kid):

Olivia:  I want the orange brontosaurus.

High School Worker: Ok...uh...let me find that.  (sorting through the bin frantically).  Ok.  Here you go.

Olivia:  (looking quizzically at the orange stegosaurus the worker placed on the counter)  That's NOT a brontosaurus.

High School Worker:  What, it's not? 

Olivia:  No.  Brontosauruses have LONG necks. 

High School Worker:  (Now talking to me)  Seriously?  I thought this was a brontosaurus. 

Me:  No.  She's right.  Brontosauruses have long necks. 

High School Worker:  What?  How did she know...I mean, how old is she?

Me:  She'll be three at the end of the month. 

High School Worker:  So, she's still TWO?

Me:  Yup.

High School Worker:  (While digging in the bin to find an actual brontosaurus, he addresses the other high school worker guy he is training)  Uh...apparently the first order of business is to know the difference between a brontosaurus and a stegosaurus.  (Places the orange brontosaurus on the counter)  There you go!

Olivia:  Fanks! 

Last day of school for the week for all, volunteer morning at school in Allie's class where the following conversation between me and one of the boys in Allie's class occurred:

Boy:  Whatchya doin' there?

Me:  I'm putting together some math binders for your teacher.

Boy:  But, why?

Me:  Because I came in this morning to help your teacher out.

Boy:  But, she gave you busy work.  This is crap work!  I can't believe it! (throwing his hands up in the air for extra emphasis)

Me:  I don't mind.  I'm glad I get to help.

Boy:  (Shaking his head in disbelief as he walks back to his desk)  I can't believe she is doing this to you!

It was yet another beautiful afternoon so Olivia, Zach, Finn and I spent ample time outside.  Then, we were exhausted and I really didn't feel like making dinner.  But, I remembered Chick-fil-a was having its grand

Chick-fil-a is now the kids' new favorite fast food joint.  Actually, I was quite impressed.  I had never been to one before and I thought it was pretty tasty (I even ordered one of their "healthy" grilled chicken wrap options and was pleasantly surprised!). 

It took us a little explaining before the kids truly understood why a chicken restaurant would have a cow as a mascot.  The "Eat More Chikin" sign was a bit puzzling at first.  Despite the initial confusion, I'm certain we'll be back...but maybe we'll wait until the new wears off, the lines aren't so long, and the parking lot isn't so insanely packed. 

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