Friday, October 11, 2013

Zach's 6th Birthday Party

Last Friday marked the date on the calendar Zach had been waiting for since his fifth birthday last October.  We have a tradition in our family that your first "friend" birthday party is celebrated on your sixth birthday and Zach's long awaited sixth birthday was finally here...along with his first ever birthday celebration with friends! 

At the beginning of the school year I was a little concerned Zach wouldn't get to know his classmates well enough to want to invite them to his party, but he proved me wrong...BIG TIME!  After the first week of school, he already had three new friends he wanted to invite to his party in addition to his two best buds from his preschool years.  (Not to mention, last Friday a few hours before his birthday he was practically begging me to call the moms of two additional boys in his class that he had become friends with just that week). 

Since Olivia is still a little small for the party venue we had planned, Grandma came and picked her up for a special overnight visit.  So, before the party is was just Zach and me (Allie was at school).  Before running to the grocery store to pick up some last minute party supplies for our family celebration on Saturday, I took the birthday boy out for a special birthday lunch.

Finally, after the torture of the grocery store was behind us (Zach told me that I really wasn't treating him very nice because NOBODY with a birthday the next day wants to spend time at the grocery store!) and with the Disney "Planes" themed invitations sent out well in advance...

along with treat bags filled to the brim with everything "Planes" for his friends....

....we made our way to Zero Gravity Trampoline Park to celebrate Zach's sixth birthday with his friends!

The boys all had a blast and jumped until they literally could not jump anymore!  Being the supportive sister that she is, Allie joined in on the jumping fun too.

After the boys were all jumped out, we took a break to open presents before diving into the pizza and cupcakes.

Although I'm sure Zach and his friends would have stayed jumping all night long, the party had to come to an end.  We handed out treat bags and gathered his new prized possessions from his buddies:  race tracks, cars, Nerf guns, and ninja turtles! 
His first ever friend birthday party was a he hasn't been able to stop talking about all week long.  Apparently next year, for his seventh birthday, he has already planned a Chuck-E-Cheese celebration.  Oh my. 
I think we all had a grand time celebrating along with our newest six year old!

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