Friday, October 11, 2013

Zach's Family Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday, with the house appropriately decorated with all of Zach's favorites...

...and all the presents wrapped...

....we awoke bright and early to celebrate Zach's sixth birthday.  And by bright and early, I mean we were up at the wee hour of 2:00 am because we heard strange noises coming from Zach's bedroom.  When Ben went to go check on him, he found Zach with his bed made and getting ready to put his clothes on.  Apparently, Zach was convinced it was morning and was ready to begin his birthday!  It took a little coaxing on Ben's part, but he was finally able to convince Zach to go back to sleep after Ben promised he wouldn't have to make his bed again in the morning (yes, Zach was most upset about the fact that he would have to make his bed twice in one day!). 

After the night disturbance, Zach slept in until 7:30, but when he awoke he couldn't wait to begin his birthday morning.  He began by playing with a new "Planes" track toy that Ben and I successfully set up in his bedroom the night before while he slept (this occurred well before 2:00 am!). 

Then it was breakfast with birthday cinnamon rolls (at the birthday boy's request, of course).

He spent the rest of the morning marveling at all the décor and playing with his brand new toys from his party the previous evening.

With the arrival of Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Chris, and Olivia, it was finally time for lunch.  Grilled burgers and dogs (again, at the request of the birthday boy.)

After lunch, it was finally time for....PRESENTS!  His excitement was barely containable.  Actually, we were all commenting on the fact that this seems like the first year Zach has been truly and ridiculously excited for his birthday.  It was so fun to see him so enthusiastic and thrilled over his special day!

After presents, it was time for cake.  This year, Zach requested a cookie cake (apparently he's going through a phase where he declares he doesn't like cake...what?!)

I think its safe to say that Zach enjoyed every last minute of his birthday...and so did we! 

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