Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nearing the End of November

November 2013.  What a month.  Seriously. 

I'll do my best to recap, but honestly, November has just become one big blur.

This morning Zach lamented over having to wake up tomorrow on Wednesday morning because everything that has gone wrong this Fall has happened on a Wednesday:  yellow striping paint all over the car--Wednesday morning, flat tire--two weeks later on a Wednesday morning, broken water pipe and the basement flood event of 2013:  two weeks after the flat tire on a Wednesday morning.  We even laughed as I suggested we write our own version of Dr. Seuss' book "Wacky Wednesday."  Then, I reminded Zach that we'll be good for tomorrow...true to pattern, we should get a week off to catch our breath before the next inconvenience comes our way.

Although I've had my fair share of pessimism and stressing out about all of these inconveniences, they are all just things.  Things of inconvenience that are tangible evidence of our many blessings.  I have not always reacted with as much grace as I would have liked this past month, but God continues to provide for our family.  He has given us countless opportunities to discuss and put into practice what it means to rest in Him and His plans.  For a meticulous planner like myself, this is a lesson I'm sure I will be learning for the rest of my life.

I think one of my favorite memories over the past month was when we arrived home last Wednesday before lunch and Zach announced he couldn't put his backpack away downstairs because there was a huge puddle.  Upon seeing that our entire basement was covered in water that was rising by the moment, I huddled together with Zach and Olivia and we prayed together.  Zach, my six year old boy, prayed that God would help me not to worry and that the water would stop.  God answered his prayer and with Ben's help over the phone I located the water shut-off and for the remainder of the day, I did have a sense of peace regarding the whole ordeal...even Ben commented to me that night that he was absolutely shocked with how well I was dealing with all of it.

(Obviously, I should have asked Zach to pray for me the following day because I think I had a near mental break down when the ServPro guys started ripping up our carpet last Thursday).

When I'm in the midst of a stressful situation, it is easy for me to forget all the good things...so, today when I looked through the camera roll on my phone, I was encouraged to see we have had some pretty great times this month. 

Like date night at the beginning of the month.  Ben and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at a new-to-us restaurant before hitting up a movie.  It absolutely made our night when we walked into the theater and beheld the "Dream Lounger."

Puppy cuddles with Finn at night after the kids go to bed...especially last week after his little "procedure."  Sorry, Finn, no puppies for you.

Christmas tree sightings with Olivia.  She gets thrilled every time we see one...especially the pink one in our grocery store's deli:

Kid art work that comes home from school...and seeing Zach actually starting to put words together and write.

Zach and his missing two front teeth.  He actually insisted I pull out his loose front tooth before his dentist appointment.  I was shocked he actually sat still long enough for me to do it because I yanked HARD! 

Springing the kids from school early for a Chick-Fil-A lunch followed by dentist appointments.

Olivia in pig tails:

The girls sharing a room due to Allie being temporarily displaced.  It reminds me of all the bedtime conversations I had with my sister growing up when we shared a room.

Watching Allie fall in love with getting lost in a great book.  Pretty much every time we see Allie around the house, her nose is in a book.

Allie and Zach put together a circuit that turned out to be an AM radio station that broadcasts football games...Zach was so happy and he listened to his radio all weekend long. 

An upcoming birthday and completing my last birthday chalk board of the year!

A very willing, handy, and hardworking husband who took our basement from looking like this...

....to this in three days:

We still have a long way to go, but we definitely have a great start.  In addition to making repairs due to the water damage, we are adding a closet in Allie's new downstairs room and a half bathroom adjoining what will be our new office.  With carpet coming soon, we will find out our deadline for completing our portion of the work by tomorrow (because we'd like to get all the messy stuff out of the way before new carpet gets installed), but at least we know....
And, we all still have smiles on our faces!

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