Friday, December 6, 2013

Allie's 8th Birthday Bash

This year for Allie's 8th Birthday Party, Ben had the fabulous idea to hold the festivities at our local YMCA. 

What a perfect place for a birthday party!  Not only did we get our own party room....

...but, the kids had a solid hour to play in the kids' gym ALL BY THEMSELVES!!

After our hour of crazy fun, everyone had worked up an appetite.  So, we headed back to our party room for sub sandwiches, chips, applesauce, and cupcakes. 

By the time present opening rolled around, everyone had regained their energy and the excitement level was at an all-time high.
I had never heard of a Tummy Stuffer, but apparently they are all the rage.  In fact, Allie told me she has always, ALWAYS wanted one.  Ok?  So, apparently, it is a stuffed animal that has a pocket inside to hide your messes I guess, Allie told me she can put her dirty clothes inside to hide them so I won't bother her about leaving them on the floor.  Great.  Wonderful idea.  All mothers everywhere are completely thrilled with this innovative version of the stuffed animal.

Apparently, bracelet-making is HUGE among 8-year old girls.  Allie got 6 different types of bracelet making kits and not one was the same.  She was so thrilled and has been making bracelets non-stop since her birthday.  In fact, we even found her a pink tackle box to keep all her bracelet making supplies organized. 

This.  This sums up the energy level for the entire 2-hour duration of the party with 8, 8-year-old girls.
Thankfully, after presents I had planned on a decorate-your-own-treat-bag craft.  I had fabric markers and cloth treat bags all ready.  And...just in case we still had time...I also had a glitter key chain craft....which came in super handy because we had plenty of time.

By the time the parents came to pick up the girls, they were all running around the room pushing each other on the wheeled chairs.  It was pretty crazy.  But, also, according to Allie, it was the best birthday party EVER!

Actually, it was a fantastic party.  Allie has great friends and it was fun to be able to spend more time with them and meet their parents.  We are so thankful for the relationships Allie has made with each one of these girls...both old friends and new. 

The best part, though?  Absolutely no clean up!  We will definitely be having more parties at the YMCA!

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