Friday, December 6, 2013

Allie's 8th Birthday Recap

Since Allie's birthday was on a Sunday this year, we began celebrating Saturday morning (she informed us she needed a full birthday weekend....and since I love birthdays, I was more than willing to comply!) with birthday cinnamon rolls.

Since Saturday was all about her friend-birthday party, we reserved our family celebration until Sunday.  Allie's choice was a fancy, family style brunch at one of our favorite restaurants followed by Grandma's infamous buttermilk brownies (instead of birthday cake). 

Since we were all pretty full when we arrived at my parents' house after brunch, Allie was more than happy to open presents first. 

Finally, it was time for buttermilk brownies.  I think Allie made the right choice...I'd take my mom's buttermilk brownies over traditional birthday cake any day!

Allie spent the rest of the day taking pictures, putting together her Legos, and trying to desperately to figure out how to make a rubber band bracelet (it may have taken us two days, but we were finally able to produce one with the help of YouTube and Daddy!).

I believe at some point she also insisted on writing thank-you notes to her friends that came to her birthday party...thank you notes that I still have yet to get into the mail!

It was definitely a great day celebrating our favorite 8 year old! 

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