Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Allie!

I know I say the same thing every year, but seriously, Allie, how can you already be EIGHT years old?!  In many ways it feels like we just brought you home from the hospital, but here you stand before longer a baby...not even a little girl...but instead a beautiful big girl (way closer to being a teenager than I care to admit!). 

You have changed my life, Allie-babe, changed it for the better.  Because of you, I became a mom, and honestly it has been the craziest, most stressful, hardest, and most wonderfully rewarding job of my life.  I love being a mom...because of you (and your brother and sister, of course). 

It has been a joy to watch you grow and see you care for others, to see how much love you have for your friends and family.  Your compassion and empathy is such a great strength of yours and I often marvel at how freely you give.  It is just one of the many ways we can see God at work in your life, changing you and molding you to be the young woman He has planned for you to be. 

You are one of the most creative and imaginative people I know...always dreaming up new ideas and big plans.  You are discouraged by little when you put your mind and heart to something.  It is a quality of yours that I hope will always be a part of you.

You still love animals, dogs in particular.  In fact, I think you would probably say Finn was the best thing to happen to you this year. 

You love to read and seemingly devour books with the same voracity that you devour dessert (a quality that I'm sure you inherited from me).  You also enjoy creating your own stories, complete with pictures and descriptive narratives.  If you're not reading or writing, you are probably creating bracelets, beading, building new Lego structures, making clothes for your stuffed animals, or asking for leftover boxes to create homes for your stuffed animals (seriously, I can't throw anything out without you asking for it...because you have a use for everything-nothing is trash to you!). 

Happy 8th Birthday, Allie-babe!  We love you and know that God has amazing things in store for you as you continue to learn and grow!

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