Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Olivia's Christmas Program

Last week Olivia had the opportunity to sing in her very first Christmas program at preschool.  She was sooo excited!  Her class had been working on their songs for well over a month and we'd heard every single one as she practiced diligently at home.  Before we left, we made sure to get some pictures of her in her Christmas dress:

When we got to preschool, we made sure to visit with Santa before the program.  Even the big kids took a turn (but...pretty much they mostly wanted the candy cane....and Zach, especially, will do just about anything for a candy cane!).

We took one more quick picture on stage before the program began:

Olivia, our budding entertainer, enthusiastically participated in every single song...complete with all the actions and hand motions.  In fact, I believe at some points she even added some impromptu dancing, jumping, and twirling.

After the program, we all made sure to grab our Christmas cookies and juice!

Congrats Olivia...we all loved seeing your very first Christmas performance!

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