Friday, December 6, 2013

So...I Guess it's Been a While

Yikes.  So it appears the great basement flood clean up of 2013 has literally taken over our lives.  I have been strangely absent from blogland over the past few weeks because literally every waking hour seems to be tied up into getting our basement back in order.  We have made tons of progress and are definitely at the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel phase, but the late nights of sanding drywall, painting, re-sanding, and more painting have definitely taken its toll.  Thankfully, by Christmas this whole ordeal will be but a distant memory and we will have a better basement than we ever dreamed possible!  Pictures to come...I promise.

Life does go on, though, despite the clean-up.  School, birthdays, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, visits with family, play dates with old friends, errands, laundry, cleaning.....  We have had some good times in spite of our home-repair-induced-fatigue (seriously, I don't think I've felt this tired or worn out since I had a newborn in the house.  Granted, I've discovered I'm really not fond of the whole DIY home remodeling...and the fact that this is the second major remodel we've tackled this year....well, it is starting to take its toll). 

The kids had off of school the entire week of Thanksgiving and in addition to catching up on some errands and going out to lunch at Smashburger, we also hit up the movie theater to see the new Disney "Frozen" princess movie (Ben stayed at home to get some work done on the basement).  It was truly fabulous...definitely among my new favorites!

Also, at some point, winter decided to make its appearance with 6 inches of snow, followed by sub-zero temperatures.  Thus, the kids broke out their monkey hats, snow boots, and mittens....

The kids were pretty pumped about the snow, but when the plumber's work van (yes, the plumber was here during a snow storm to rough in our new downstairs half-bath) got stuck in our driveway and Ben had to tow him out with his truck, I realized this was only the beginning of what last year ended up being almost 6 months of solid winter.  Yuck. 

So, as I was wallowing in my winter disgust yesterday morning, the kids and I saw the most amazing thing in the sky on the way to school....

Apparently, it is called a "sundog" and the phenomenon occurs when the sun refracts ice crystals in the sky (or...something like that).  Although not especially a rare occurrence, I don't recall ever seeing one before and we not only saw one yesterday morning, but this morning on the way to school as well.  In fact, I took the above picture as Olivia and I were on our way into the grocery store after dropping the kids off at school this morning. 

Pretty cool that in the midst of all the things I seem to dread about winter (snot-freeze cold, heaps of snow, icy roads), God surprises me with this beautiful painting of light. 

I think He knew I needed to be reminded of the beauty amidst what I oftentimes view as yuck.  Kind of like the whole basement ordeal...He had a plan in mind all along to make something beautiful out of our flooded just seems to be taking a heck of a lot of hard work in the process!   

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