Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Things to Remember This December

Since December has flown by in a basement-renovation, flood-clean-up, sort of a blur, I thought I would put together a random post with some unforgettable moments that occurred this month. 

Like today while I was laying on the couch watching Polar Express after opening presents...the kids were playing with their newly opened toys, Ben was helping Zach put together some Legos, and Finn was cuddled up on my lap sleeping...such a peaceful moment.  And then all of a sudden Finn was puking.  On my lap.  Apparently the rawhide bone Olivia and I had picked out for him this morning as a Christmas gift at Target before her doctor's appointment (oh yes...Olivia has a raging eye infection...green goop, swollen red eyes and all) ended up as dog puke.  On my lap.  Yuck.

Oh...and here is another reason our dog is on the naughty list this year.

Multiple occasions...the dog ripped the wrapping paper totally off of the presents...and today when we were opening presents and actually GAVE him the paper, he totally ignored it.  Like it just wasn't as fun when we were willingly allowing him to rip it to shreds. 

Moving on.

Kid Christmas Presents.  I love them.  Here are this year's creations.  I love them all, but I am slightly partial to Olivia's footprint manger. 

Allie's snowman magnet

Zach's fingerprint snowman candle

Olivia's footprint manger
Speaking of Christmas gifts....Ben and I (well, it was mostly Ben's handiwork) finally completed our gift to one another.  In all my 32 years, a bathroom has never looked so splendid!

Poor Olivia...she's pretty sick...so most of her Christmas pictures look quite icky.  But, I really like this one I took last week.  She told me she needed to get ready before we picked Zach up from kindergarten.  She came out looking like this:

We kept my parents' dog for them while they took a trip to Florida earlier this month.  Although the kids were thrilled with two dogs, I've determined I'm quite ok with one.  However, there were definite moments of cuteness....

All month, instead of an advent calendar, we've been going through a Jesse Tree calendar.  I found a print out online and adapted it for our kitchen chalkboard.  The kids have LOVED it and we have all looked forward to the scripture reading and picture each day.  I think I will definitely be doing this each year from now on!

I think that about covers it!  We are looking forward to a low key week of time together as a family...and most importantly, NO MORE HOUSE REPAIRS!  Because...we are done!  Yay! 

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