Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Vacation

I can hardly believe Christmas Vacation ends tomorrow as the kids head back to school and Ben goes back to work.  I think we are all ready for a regular routine again...and honestly, I'm actually ready for a little less sugar in my diet too (wow...I NEVER thought I would say that and actually mean it!  I guess you can only live on Christmas cookies and chocolates for so long...).

We had a great time off, although we managed to keep pretty busy.  It seemed like by the time we finished up with all of our work (the basement, Christmas clean-up, etc) and were ready to relax, vacation was over! 

Since I still feel a bit fried from all the busy-ness, I'll just hit the high points of our time list form, of course!

  • A couple forty degree days last week were a huge respite from the bitter cold we've been experiencing.  While I cleaned the house and got ready for out of town guests (Ben's fam), Ben took the kids sledding.  They all had a blast and even came home and played in the yard for well over an hour. 
  • Ben's family came up for a little belated Christmas gathering.  The kids had fun opening presents and visiting and we all enjoyed our time together.  Unfortunately, this was the best picture we snagged.

  • We completely finished the basement...décor and everything!  It meant an afternoon of shopping, but thankfully the kids and Ben were pretty patient and the crowds weren't too crazy.  Plus, we also went out for lunch at Noodles.  Pics to come soon!
  • Ben used the leftover flooring in the bathroom to put in a new front entryway that covers our existing original-to-the-house (basically, stinkin' butt ugly) entryway tile.  Our entryway is unbelievably small, so it took him an afternoon to complete...and maybe part of the next morning.
  • All three kids came down with a raging eye infection.  Allie was the last to succumb and woke up this morning with gunk all in her flaming red eye. 
  • We watched tons of movies after the kids went to bed each night.  Nothing really that great, but it kind of felt good to veg out at the end of the day, stay up late, and sleep in until 6:30 am!
  • We've also watched tons of movies with the kids.  Cold weather always seems like ideal movie weather.  So, we watched Elf, Wizard of Oz, and Despicable Me 2 (to name a few). 
  • Ben had to work for a few hours on Monday, so my mom and I took the kids to MOA to spend their Christmas money.  Allie picked out a few new books and a new dress for her doll at the American Girl store.  Olivia picked out food and a doctor's kit for her bitty baby.  Zach snagged a Disney Planes hoodie (which he hasn't taken off since Monday), two Disney Planes figures, and two small Lego kits.  We also had lunch at Rainforest Café and indulged in Coldstone.  Fun times.

  • My brother stopped over last weekend to drop by a Christmas present for Ben.  While he was here, Allie managed to give him a glitter tattoo.  While he was sitting on the couch, watching the Green Bay game, Olivia happened to cuddle up next to him and fall fast asleep.  Consequently, he wasn't allowed to move for a while...especially since Olivia hadn't napped in over a week.

  • Ben spent quite a lot of time putting together the Christmas gift from my brother.  He is thrilled with the end result.

  • We got caught up on a ton of house work:  filing, cleaning, laundry, snow shoveling.  All that fun stuff that seems to pile up when life gets busy.
Well, I think that about covers it!  I actually have a few fun pictures from New Year's Eve/Day that I'll post later. 

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