Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Haircuts for All

On Sunday morning, when Allie was frustratingly raking a brush through all of the knots in her long, tangled, mess of a hairstyle, she declared that maybe shorter hair wouldn't be such a bad idea.  Since I had been awaiting that very proclamation for the past six months, we immediately left for the salon before she changed her mind. 

It had been a couple months since Zach had his hair cut, so he was also in need of a trim.  Olivia probably could have gotten by without a cut, but since it had also been a good six months since a scissors touched her hair, we signed her up for a trim as well.

I was worried Allie would change her mind, especially when the stylist asked her a million times if she was sure she wanted all her long hair cut off.

After the first cut, I breathed a sigh of relief...there's no going back now!

After a chlorine stripping treatment for her severely damaged hair, she was good to go.  I was a little concerned she would HATE the new do, but it turns out she LOVES it! 

In fact, she may have inspired me to go short again!  However, when I told her about my short hair aspirations, she rolled her eyes (yep, we've got that lovely habit down pat) and told me I should keep it long because she doesn't want us to look like we're matching.  (Hello.....my mom and I don't have matching hairstyles and people still think we're sisters?!  Join the club, babe). 

We'll see...but, for now I'm leaning toward the chop....I can only wear so many ponytails before doing something drastic. 


Dustin DeFoe said...

Where did you go to get the haircuts. I like that it is targeted to kids.

Jen D said...

Kids Hair...they have multiple locations in the Twin Cities and you can always get coupons in their website. They do a good job and the kids love that they get to pick out a movie to watch.