Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day FIVE?!

Well, it looks like we are on snow day #5 for the month of January (with no snow...just snot-freeze cold temps with wind chills nearing -40 degrees...seriously, it is so cold that when I take the dog outside to do his business, I hold my breath for as long as possible because it literally hurts to breathe).

Yesterday, I decided to enforce mandatory (mom-made-up) homework assignments for the kids.  Since I had already promised cartoons (I told them on the first snow day that cartoons in the morning are a snow day tradition), the deal was that they had to complete their homework assignments (with minimal complaints...this morning I actually kept track as they were only allowed 3 complaints before there were no cartoons...yep, I'm that kind of mom) before cartoons. 

Allie tackled some math, word problems, grammar, piano practice, and reading:

Zach (very reluctantly...he definitely strategically timed his three complaints so he was able to adequately inform me that this was not what he wanted to do on his snow days) worked on math, writing, piano practice, and reading:

Olivia, the most enthusiastic of the bunch, worked on tracing her name and operating the scissors:

And, yes, currently it is Tuesday morning and all three kids are still in the same pajamas that they put on before bed on Sunday night.  Just FYI...I actually got dressed this morning. 

Since I'm not too terribly good at feeling stuck-at-home, you can imagine I have had my fill of cold weather days.  We've cooked, we've cleaned, we've done laundry, we've run around the basement, we've played with the dog, we've colored, we've played Uno Attack, we've watched cartoons, we've read books, we've bounced off the walls, we've played more Monopoly Jr. than should be considered humane, and the kids royally creamed me at Yahtzee multiple times....

You see the 168?  Yep, that is my score. 
I think once the temps start to get closer to the 0 degrees mark this afternoon, I might load up the kids and make a trip to the grocery store to replenish our milk and eggs....for some reason, when everyone is home, I always run out of milk and eggs! 

Although we've enjoyed the break (even though the kids would never admit it), we're ready for some normalcy again.  Plus, with every snow day spent home from school, I lament the loss of that beautiful June summer day that the kids will probably have to spend in school to make up for it. 


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