Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Basement: Pics from Before and After

Unfortunately as I was looking through old photos, I realized we don't have too many of the basement in its original pre-flooded state.  Probably because we didn't spend much time down there!  Actually, the kids spent a lot of time down there playing, but we didn't spend a lot of time together as a family down there.  I can honestly say that is not the case anymore!  We love the new space and have spent many afternoons over Christmas vacation watching movies, playing games, and hanging out together downstairs. 

Here's the best before picture I could find of the big family room in our basement.  Ignore the Rapunzel flags please.

Here's a picture of the family room, mid-flood repair: is the final finished product:

Things we love now:  no more wainscoting and a fresh coat of paint, plenty of room for the kids to play, plenty of room to work out, new and improved toy storage, funky new couch, entertainment center to hold all of our media supplies, actual décor on the walls, better lighting, actual professionally installed carpet instead of the DIY fix we tried 8-years ago. 

Alright, moving on....

Here is the best "before" picture I have of our new office (which used to be Allie's old bedroom).  Unfortunately, you can't see too much because it was taken mid-flood clean-up and we kind of used her old bedroom to hold a lot of furniture so it wouldn't get wet:

Anyway, what used to be her old book and American Girl doll nook.....

....was walled off to create our new half bath....

The rest of the room works well for our music room/office:

Allie is probably the most thrilled by this last room in the basement.  Before the flood, it was our office and the best picture I have is also a mid-flood picture:

We got rid of the icky blue carpet, Allie picked out her own paint colors, and Ben added a closet for she has a fabulous new bedroom!

Although it has been quite a long six weeks of repair and remodeling, we are all ecstatic with the final results!  Hopefully there won't be any more remodeling in our near future....just enjoying time together in our new basement with each other! 

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Gregg Hogan said...

What a transformation! I can hardly believe you transformed your pre-flooded basement to something as amazing as that. I love how the little kids now have an area all to themselves. I'm sure they've been busy hanging out in there from then on. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for the tour, Jen! Kudos and all the best! :)

Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions