Thursday, February 27, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Tomorrow is the last day of February....and February has proven to be a month full of CRAZY!  Good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

Before I fill in the gaps for the cause of such craziness, I need to play a little catch up.  And since the whole month is somewhat of a blur to me now, I'm relying mostly on my photos to help me remember what we have been up to. 

The one thing I don't need photos to recall is how blasted cold it has been...and still is.  This morning, as I was taking the kids to school, my dashboard thermometer read -17 degrees.  Apparently this has been the coldest winter in 40 years.  Ugh.  Oh...and we actually did have a snow day last week due to snow and not the bitter cold.  There is a lot of snow out there...and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

My sister and nephew came for a visit at the beginning of the month.  We weren't very good at taking pictures, but it was fun to catch up. 

My mom got a new dog...Welcome Ginger!

Ginger, Finn, and Fred

We celebrated one of my favorite holidays:  Valentine's Day!

The inside of Zach's Valentine for us

The outside of Zach's Valentine...and yes, he labeled the red on the heart, "blood." 

He even decorated the back of the Valentine

Allie's Valentine

"Happy Valentine's Day, Mom!  Here is a poem I made for you!  Hearts are red.  Kisses are pink.  A key to link and lock.  A key to the heart loving and all.  Allie." 

Ugh...This one turned out blurry and I cannot get it to turn the right way on maybe just turn your head for the full effect?  Anyway, this part of the card says:  "You are a ruby heart full of hope, love, and kindness.  You are the best mom.  Great Cook.  Lovely." 

Ben saved Valentine's Day with a Vanilla Latte and Donuts! 

Allie took this picture of us on Valentine's Day.

Olivia experienced her first Valentine's Day Party at preschool.  She was not disappointed in the least!

I decided to cut about 6 inches off my hair...definitely should have done that a long time ago.  I really, really wanted to like having long hair, and I did for about a week, and then I was kind of over the whole experience. 

We joined Costco...I only bring that up because I took Olivia and Zach there this afternoon to stock up on a few lunch box necessities and they are still completely in awe of the fact that we can go into a store and eat an entire lunch just by partaking of the free samples.  I am still kind of  reeling from the shock well as coming to terms with the fact that I can buy Easter dresses for the girls, a 52-count package of string cheese, and the biggest $5 rotisserie chicken I've ever seen all under the same roof. 

I think that about covers it...or at least the parts I can remember.  It was definitely a quick and crazy month for us.  I'll update soon (because leaving all the "crazy" completely ambiguous is rather annoying), but for now I have a 2nd grader who needs to be picked up from school!

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