Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Easter

We had a great time celebrating Easter this year with family!  Thankfully, the sun came out and we hunted eggs outside in the fact, it was so hot here, the chocolate inside our eggs melted.  Who would have thought?

We attended church on Saturday night, but I played for all three weekend services.  It was a busy, but fun weekend celebrating Jesus' ressurrection! this isn't that great of a picture, and technically it was taken on Palm Sunday, but I always love how thrilled the kids are to receive their palm branches each year.  When we asked Olivia what she was supposed to say when she waved her palm branch, she told us, "They said we were supposed to shout 'HOSANNA,' but I don't think that's a real word because nobody ever says that word anymore or its not really in our language, so I'm just going to say, 'YAY! JESUS!'"

Awwwww....Pretty much perfection.

And back to reality.

Perfection, again.

Real life.  Raw.  Crazy.  Real.  Life.

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