Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Springtime in California

A couple weeks before our big move, Ben and I headed to sunny California for 5 days.  Crazy?  Yes.  But, Ben had to attend a conference for work in San Jose and we had already reserved plane tickets back in December to San Francisco in anticipation of a get away for just the two of us.  With my mom's encouragement (and continued offer to watch our kids), we decided to keep our plans. 

We arrived to the warm breeze and beautiful setting sun in San Francisco on a Monday evening.  The next day, after the best latte I've ever had, we explored the city. 

After our first lunch at this California gem....

.....we made our way to San Jose the long way, along the coast (I could totally get used to highways along the ocean!).   Of course we had to make a stop at Half Moon Bay Beach.  It was simply breathtaking and even though the water was ice cold, the warm sand felt like heaven to our cold, MN toes.

After our stroll along the beach, we headed through the mountains in search of the great coastal California Redwoods.  Although the drive was long, winding, and at times crazy (tons of switchbacks and barely enough room for 1 car!), we were not disappointed when we arrived.  No words can describe the enormity of those trees.  Simply amazing.

The rest of our time was spent in San Jose where we had our first experience with Thai food (mostly positive!), ate gourmet pizza outside, caught a movie in a high-rise, and visited the Winchester Mystery House. 

While Ben attended his conference, I enjoyed time by the pool and local rose garden where I actually completed reading four books! 

We had a great time away and it was just what we needed before coming back to the snow, cold, and TONS of boxes waiting to be moved! 

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