Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our Weekend

We finally had enough sun and enough boxes put away that we were able to explore our new town this weekend.  Saturday was spent running errands, meeting our neighbors, biking in our cul-de-sac, and attending church.  We even stopped by Home Depot for the kids' free project:

On Sunday, after sleeping in and enjoying a lazy morning at home, we explored downtown.  Although the kids weren't too excited about window shopping, they didn't mind stopping by the candy store and indulging in a cake pop.

We also walked the whole length of the pier and enjoyed the beautiful weather down by the river:

On the way home, we found the park that Allie and Zach drive by on the bus every day to school and spent some time playing.  The kids had a blast and are excited about the other parks we have yet to discover! 

Then we came home and rode more bikes, grilled dinner, and crashed.  We are happy to finally be settled in and enjoying our new home and community!

Zach's Kindergarten Concert

After Zach's first day at school, he came home rather irritated by the fact that he would be required to participate in the annual spring concert just 3 short weeks away.  After days of constant complaining, whining, and threatening to stand on stage completely still and mute, I decided to not push the concert issue with Zach.  Whenever he began to rant about the impending concert of doom, I listened and then changed the subject, not even commenting one way or the other about it. 

So, imagine my surprise when we were over at my parents' house (with just a little less than a week before the performance) and my dad asked me when exactly Zach's concert was because Zach had just invited him.  WHAT?!  He then proceeded to invite my mom and brother as well.  REALLY?!

The week leading up to the concert I began to hear Zach singing the songs at home as he was anticipating the performance with actual EXCITEMENT!  He even picked out his clothes to wear (complete with a belt) and had them laid out a day in advance.  I'm not quite sure when he changed his mind about the concert, but it was fun to finally see him so excited about it. 

We were all proud of Zach as he stood on stage, participating and enthusiastically singing every song!  I was incredibly impressed with the music teacher at his new school and know that he definitely played a role in Zach's complete turn around.  Afterwards, we celebrated a great performance with frozen yogurt at our new favorite, Orange Leaf. 

Way to go, Zach!

Photo Dump

As I was going through the pictures on my phone, I realized there were a few that I hadn't shared yet.  Since this blog is my primary way of keeping track of our family's events, I thought I would round up all those random pictures in one neat and tidy dump post.  Here goes:

Olivia and my first (and last) donut date at Hans' Bakery in Anoka the week before our big move. 

First morning in the new house!  The kids love the breakfast bar...in fact, they request every meal at the breakfast bar. 

When we took Finn to the vet, Olivia met this lovely kitty that was being boarded there. 

She played with the kitty the entire time and all the vet techs thought she was adorable...actually, the vet tech took these picture and sent them to me. 

Olivia still thinks we are getting a cat....ummm....nope.

Olivia got stuck behind her bed.  She dropped a stuffed animal and when she went to retrieve it, she was completely wedged.  Zach wanted to call 911. 

She was not very happy that I laughed...and then proceeded to take pictures and a video...before moving the bed and freeing her completely wedged body. 

Well, I guess that's it!  Not as many as I thought!  Quite painless, if I do say so myself. 

Happy Birthday Finn!

On April 26 we celebrated Finn's birthday.  I never in a million years thought I would sing "Happy Birthday" to a dog, let alone light a candle stuck in a hot dog for a birthday treat.  But, he's officially part of the family and since we love to celebrate birthdays in our family, we couldn't skip over his very first birthday....

The humans opted to celebrate with chocolate Scooby Doo cupcakes and Finn was more than happy with his fair share of bacon treats and hot dogs.  Happy Birthday, Finn!