Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer, So Far

Here's what we've been up to this summer......

Trying out some of the favorite local burger hang-outs

Dog-sitting for my parents

More dog-sitting

Celebrating our favorite Dad on Father's Day

Catching up on sleep after a fun and busy vacation (more pics to come!)

4th of July celebrations, complete with cake!

Exploring the state park near our new house

After a long hike, we found the waterfall!

Waiting patiently for July 4th fireworks (there may have been some snacks involved in the waiting process...and no, unlike the other family sitting next to us, I did not pack watermelon, baby carrots, and homemade protein bars.  Nope.  We binged on Twizzlers, Oreos, and Goldfish before we proceeded to pick the raisins out of the Trail Mix to inhale the peanuts and M&M's)

Here we are in all of our sugar-induced glory

Breaking out the glow sticks

When did my 8-year old daughter begin posing with her hand on her hip for pictures...I don't even pose with my hand on my hip for pictures! there might have been a little too much sugar for some of us.

Catching up with old friends over jumbo freezer pops

Lots of time in the backyard

The kids could probably live in that play set
Hours of summer time fun, right in our own back yard

Best Craigslist find, EVER.


More catching up with old friends.

Lots of time with friends!

Zach started summer karate class

And, not pictured, but still memorable:

  • Countless trips to the library (mostly because everyone seems to be able to read their library finds within the first day of returning from the library).
  • Allie's very first horse riding lesson...I put her name on a waiting list earlier this summer and was surprised to discover they had an opening yesterday.  She had an awesome time learning the basics of horse back riding.
  • Bike rides and walks in our new neighborhood.
  • Trying to teach the kids tennis and ending up chasing after more balls than actually hitting with rackets.
  • Grocery store trips with all three kiddoes again...surprisingly much easier now that the older two completely bag all my groceries and unload the majority of them upon returning home. 
  • Swim lessons for all at the local Y.  After the first lesson, Olivia jumped in water up to her neck because, as she proclaimed, "I know how to swim now!"
  • Cleaning days at home with all three kids....also surprisingly easy now that Zach cleans all the toilets and Allie takes over vacuuming. 
  • Training Finn to the electric dog fence...he is one determined pup, especially when there's people on the other side of the safe zone. 
  • Cartoons on rainy days...and since there has been quite a few rainy days, the kids have been thrilled with the amount of cartoon watching. 
  • My attempt at summer "school assignments" has yielded one morning where everyone sat for 15 minutes completing worksheets.  One day.  Eh...I still have a lot of summer left, right?! 
So far, I'd say summer is a hit!  Yesterday the kids decided it should just stay summer all the time.  No complaints here...well, except when I get enlisted to play referee in all those pesky sibling squabbles that also seem to escalate in number during the summer.  Small price to pay, I guess, for summer freedom!

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