Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Swim Lessons

Last Tuesday marked the half-way point of summer swim lessons. 

Olivia is still convinced that she knows all there is to know about swimming.  We're glad she isn't afraid to jump in the water all on her own anymore, but a little healthy fear would be nice at this point!

Allie and Zach are both progressing through their classes as well.  Allie was swimming the butterfly last week and I was shocked at how well coordinated she could accomplish a stroke that I nowhere near mastered (not that I mastered any swimming stroke, but the butterfly was way out of my league!).  Zach continues to swim lap after lap with ease with almost every stroke.  Sometimes Ben and I have to do a double take because we aren't sure whose kids are swimming in the pool...surely it can't be our kids who opt to use the doggy paddle exclusively when we go to the pool on our own! 

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