Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Game Time!

This past weekend Ben and Zach had the opportunity to attend their very first Green Bay Packers Game at Lambeau Field thanks to my brother-in-law.  Even though it was only a pre-season game, the anticipation of seeing Aaron Rodgers play was excitement enough for Zach. 

Chris' Dad, Uncle Chris B, Ben, and Zach all ready to cheer on the Pack
Typically if there is a lot of walking involved, Zach is one of the first ones to voice his "concern," however, Ben said there were no complaints whatsoever on Friday...especially once they arrived on hallowed ground....

They ate dinner prior to the game and Zach proclaimed his burger the best he's ever eaten!  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the entire restaurant was decked out in Packer everything and was right across the street from Lambeau. 

Before the game, Ben and Zach made sure to check out the stadium and pose for some photos.  Apparently after browsing through all the Packer merchandise at the pro-shop, Zach told Ben that they needed to leave because he was "getting a bad case of the gimmes!"  He did leave with a magazine full of facts about the history of the Packers and Lambeau Field. 

Throughout the game, Zach watched through his binoculars, and was even thrilled to finally get a glimpse of Aaron Rodgers.  He was determined to make it through the entire game, but once 10:00 pm rolled around, fatigue began to get the best of him. 

But, the guys could leave early knowing the Packers had a pretty good lead over the Raiders.  Zach claims to be their good luck charm because the Packers have won both games he's ever attended.  

The next morning Zach was full of stories to tell us about his time at Lambeau....and he pretty much hasn't stopped talking about it since.  What a fun way to kick-off the fall football season!  Thanks, Uncle Chris for the invitation and a great guys' night! 

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Soccerbelle said...

Loved the huge smile on your young man's face. Your kids are growing up so quickly!