Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MN State Fair 2014

It's that time again...FAIR TIME! 

Although I love the MN State Fair (and have ever since we went 11 years ago), it is always a little bittersweet...the one last summer "hurrah" before the school year begins.  We made sure to hit up all of our favorites yesterday:  the giant slide, the sky ride, the animals, the kids' farm, the Disney Radio booth, the pet barn, the DNR exhibit and fire tower, the Home Depot booth, and more. 

Allie volunteered to be a contestant in a Radio Disney game and won a yo-yo and a t-shirt!

Our Little Farm Hands aren't so little anymore!

ahhh...the hats....all the hats!

And of course we had our ample share of Fair food.  The absolute must haves included Sweet Martha's cookies, mini donuts, and the roasted corn.  We amazingly skipped our annual pronto pup corn dogs in favor of subpar hamburgers (a mistake we won't make again), but it was pretty hot so we will claim the heat played a factor in our decision to park and eat here:

After lots of lemonade and a break in the shade to watch the daily parade, we came upon the best fair find this year...the Mineapple pie with vanilla and cinnamon ice cream.  This deep fried apple pie was sheer perfection.  It may even be my new favorite Fair food...I definitely wish I wouldn't have offered to share with everyone!

After a full day of fun (and sweat and legs that felt like jello from all the walking), it was time to head home.  We lasted until about 4:00 pm this year...a new fair record!  It seems as the kids get older, the length of our stay at the fairgrounds increases. 

Another great year at the Great MN Get Together! 

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