Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The End of Summer is Near

Somehow summer is already quickly spiraling to an end.  There is a hint of autumn in the evening breeze and we have all noticed the sun is now setting before 9:00 pm (no more bedtime battles...yay!).  School supplies have been purchased and closets purged of too-short jeans to make way for the new ones that are always inevitably too-long now, but will fit perfectly in a few short months. 

We have been doing our best to enjoy these last few weeks of no schedules before school starts again.....

Swimming is always a summer time favorite!
Taking a break from riding our bikes in the court.

Enjoying summer lunches together with our favorite summer fruits.

Popsicles:  The summertime staple.

Afternoon and evening walks or bike rides around our neighborhood.

Daddy/Zach movie night to see  Planes:  Fire and Rescue.

Rio 2 at the local theater for $2 movie morning for kids

Olivia was thrilled to meet her friend to see Rio 2.

It's easy for me to look through the photos over the past few weeks and already feel nostalgic for the perfect days of summer already gone by....

At Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater, MN

Stillwater, MN

The mandatory Teddy Bear picture

In front of the Stillwater lift bridge, after ice cream downtown.

Stumbling upon a model car show in downtown Hudson

The kids were excited to sit in the model cars.

This was Olivia's favorite car.

And of course Zach wanted a turn too.

One of the coolest cars.

The owners let the kids honk the horn.

Allie...behind the wheel....AHHH!

Which is a good thing....because when those three "perfect" kiddoes have been up for less than an hour and I have already had to break up ten fights between them over whose turn it is to pick out a CD to listen to, who is going to play with the princess that is wearing the pink dress, why so-and-so always hogs the dog, why someone called someone else a baby and the offended scratched the accuser's arm (inevitably leaving a mark), and why there are toys laying EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE claims someone else took them out and NOONE is willing to pick them up.  When I can't make dinner (or lunch or breakfast for that matter) without having to field multiple complaints about the subpar food offerings...only to be followed by moans of "I'm SOOOOO hungry....let's have candy!" no less than 15 minutes after meal time....

It is at those times that instead of losing my cool (which, yes, I'm guilty of far more times than I'd like to admit), I need a visual reminder....

Every day life around here is often crazy and imperfect, sometimes mundane and ordinary, always full of new challenges and obstacles.  For every "perfect" moment in time I capture, I guarantee there are a thousand messier ones.  But, as clich√© as it may sound, there is beauty in imperfection (a tough lesson for a perfectionist like me to embrace) and I'm trying my best to hold on to that these last few weeks of summer.


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