Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Valley Fair Trip

Last week my mom and I took the kids to Valley Fair for the first time.  Since we arrived before the park opened, we made a donut stop to fuel up for our day.  The kids were excited for a fun day, even though they weren't quite sure what to expect! 

Zach was pumped for the dinosaurs and after the first carousel ride, Olivia and Allie couldn't wait to ride EVERYTHING!

We definitely had fun exploring the park, riding rides, meeting the characters, eating corndogs and ice cream, and picking out souvenirs. 

Allie and I waiting after we got stuck on her very first big roller coaster.  I took her on the biggest coaster in the park (because there was no wait) and after screaming "SOMEONE GET ME OFF OF HERE!" all the way down the first drop, she confided in me that it was a little too scary and she'd like to stick to the smaller less crazy coasters. 

We spent ALL day at the park, despite the heat and our feet becoming tired from all the walking.  We didn't even have time to explore the water park...maybe next year...because, yes, the kids are already planning on our return!

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