Sunday, October 26, 2014

Catch Up

Wow.  I am officially so far behind on documenting our lives here on my blog that I don't know that there's any good way to catch up!  Life has been busy and full lately, and to be honest, I just haven't felt like spending much time on the computer sorting pictures and coming up with coherent thoughts to summarize them all. 

So, in a nutshell, over the past two months....

We've settled nicely into our school year routine.  The big kids are enjoying their school while I'm learning the ropes of being a room parent for Allie's class and trying my best to help out as much as I'm able through the Parent Group.  Both big kids are also enrolled in piano lessons and Zach has his last day of flag football through the YMCA tomorrow.  Wednesday night we all head off to church where the kids attend AWANA while Ben and I volunteer as Sparky leaders. 

Olivia is in love with her preschool teacher and has already made fast friends with the kids in her class.  She would go to preschool every day of the week, but only attends on Wednesday and Friday.  O and I also enjoy going to Bible Study Fellowship on Tuesdays and Thursdays now that I've volunteered to be a leader in the children's ministry.  We've also had several play dates with new friends we've made here since our move.  I think it is safe to say that we definitely feel like we've been here a lot longer than six months! 

Ben has kept more than busy with work responsibilities in addition to the Fall semester class he teaches through a local college.  He's also started leading worship at church for the 1st-3rd graders on Sunday mornings.  I help him out when I'm not playing flute for worship team or staying home with sick kids.  Unfortunately, we are coming off of a two week sick stretch that included fevers, coughing, pink eye, and an allergic reaction to antibiotics for Zach.  Even though Ben is still not feeling great, I'm hoping this week will be the week we will all be healthy again. 

Now, some pictures to recap our September:
Olivia is always willing to help me make dinner.

After Zach's first flag football practice.  He was so proud of the grass stains on his pants and was upset when he realized I successfully removed them with Oxi-Clean.

Apple Picking with Cousin Drew.

All of us on the hayride to the orchards!

All the kids enjoyed the apple picking.

We picked 2 bags full.

However, I'm certain they would have picked more if we had more bags.

The little kids needed some help to reach the good apples.

All done!

Celebrating my dad and sister's birthday after the trip to the orchard.

It was Zach's turn to be the special kid in his class at school!

And...just because she's so stinkin' cute.


Soccerbelle said...

You cut your hair! It looks awesome - do you like it shorter? And are you still running or just running after the kids?

Jen D said...

Yes! I love how much easier short hair is to take care of. Saves a lot of time on busy mornings. I am still running, but exclusively on the treadmill. Blech. A necessary evil, I guess. :)