Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Programs Galore!

This year we attended THREE Christmas music programs! 

We began with Allie's third grade Christmas program at school.  She was initially bummed out to not be assigned a speaking or solo part, but we were really proud of her positive attitude the weeks leading up to the concert despite her disappointment.  The day of the performance, one of the girls with a speaking part was out sick with the flu, so Allie was asked to step in.  She did so happily and even though she was a little nervous, she memorized the part and delivered her lines without trouble.  Great job, Allie!  Afterwards, we celebrated a job well done with frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf!

Next up was Zach's first grade school Christmas program.  Zach really does not like being on stage and was anxious about his program for quite some time.  We were really proud that he did indeed participate and sang every single song!  Awesome job, Zach!  To celebrate his performance, we indulged in an at-home-make-your-own ice cream sundae bar.  I also couldn't keep from snapping a few shots at some of his Christmas artwork while we were at school. 

The day after his Christmas program was crazy hair day at school....we sent him with his crazy bed head. 

Olivia's preschool Christmas Pageant was last in our list of festive performances.  Since it was during the day, Ben and the kids weren't able to attend, but I made sure to take lots of pictures and video.  Plus, Grandma was able to attend and Olivia was thrilled.  Olivia sang all of her songs (with volume and passion) and my mom and I couldn't believe how well the teachers put the kids' program together.  It was definitely one of the best preschool Christmas programs I've seen!  Great job, Olivia!  To celebrate, we enjoyed Christmas cookies after the performance. 

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