Monday, December 29, 2014


We were up and on the road before the sun rose to make it to my sister and bro-in-law's house in time for Christmas lunch and present opening.  It is a four hour trip from our home, so with two stops (one for coffee and one for potty--mostly because of the coffee) we still made it before lunch. 
The kids were thrilled to have their very own food year we'll have to pull up another chair for Drew's baby brother! 

Mandatory "kid shot" before presents. 

Drew was thrilled to open his presents. 

Finn was thrilled to see Grandma again.

Drew was also great at helping everyone open their presents. 

Thanks to Aunt Stephanie for the most perfect gift for Allie!!

Now my husband can light things on fire.

For the new baby!!

One of Drew's favorite Christmas presents. 

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but we were busy chatting and eating and playing with the kids!  It was a great day together as a family!

The next day, my parents and brother headed out.  We decided to take the kids to the local YMCA to play and swim all morning long.  They all had a grand time and burned off some much needed energy (mostly due to all that sugar from way too many delicious Christmas cookies!).  In the afternoon, the guys hung out with the kids while my sister and I snuck away for a pedicure.  It was pure bliss!

When we returned, it was almost 50 degrees outside!  Since such weather is almost unheard of in Wisconsin in December, we spent the rest of the afternoon walking and playing at the park...without coats and jackets!  After dinner, we loaded the kids up in my sister's mini van to go and see a fantastic Christmas light display by the lake.  We hadn't seen many Christmas light displays yet this year, so everyone enjoyed it! 

We left for home on Saturday morning and actually drove through a snowstorm!  Crazy.  We returned home to plenty of snow and some very excited kids who quickly bundled up and spent the afternoon playing and sledding (big thanks to Ben for supervising the outdoor winter activities while I tackled the massive pile of laundry and made hot chocolate for their return!). 

Since our return, we've completely taken down all of our Christmas decorations, run several errands, and even enjoyed the Packers victory at our neighbor's house.  Tomorrow Ben heads back to work for a couple days before having the rest of the week off.  Here's to a fun rest of the week enjoying a break before 2015 begins!

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