Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Ninth Birthday, Allie!

After waiting not-so-patiently throughout the entire "birthday season" in our family, it was finally Allie's turn!  Since her actual birthday was on a Monday this year, we celebrated with her friends on Saturday at a local art studio where the girls created mosaic glass mirrors.  Before leaving for the party, we took a picture...mostly because I thought it was so appropriately fitting that she chose to wear a shirt that said "TODAY IS MY FAVORITE DAY!" on her birthday party day.  I'm pretty certain she got such a love for her birthday from yours truly. 

The birthday party was a huge success!  All the girls had a fabulous two hours creating their mirrors.  Afterwards we enjoyed purple cupcakes and presents.  We were thrilled to meet so many new friends Allie has made since beginning her new school. 

On Monday, her actual birthday, Allie woke up to quite a surprise!

She actually ended up crawling through the small opening at the bottom of the door, but when we told her we thought she would just rip right through it, she happily did just that!  Birthday breakfast was chosen by Allie:  Toaster Pastries!

Before heading off to school for the first time ever on her birthday, I made her pose for yet another photo:

Although she was a little bummed about having to be at school on her birthday, I think she actually ended up enjoying all the extra attention from teachers and friends.  Plus, she was a definitely a huge hit when she showed up with birthday donut holes to share with everyone!

Birthday cake and presents awaited for the new 9 year old when she returned home from school that evening.  I hadn't really planned ahead for her actual birthday, so when she requested an ice cream cake from DQ I was more than happy to deliver...however, imagine my surprise when I went into DQ that very afternoon and saw a cake with a HORSE on it!  SCORE!

Since she couldn't wait one second longer, we had to begin the evening with presents and then proceed to cake.

We had a great few days celebrating our new 9 year old!  (And the cake was delicious!)

Happy Birthday, Allie-Babe!  More than any other year, when I look at these pictures, I am awestruck at the grown up girl (with her Daddy's eyes) smiling back at me.  It has been such a joy to watch you grow each year, experiencing firsthand how God is molding and shaping you.  You always challenge me to love bigger and look for the best in everyone.  We are so proud of you Allie and are excited to see where God will take you in the coming years!    

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