Monday, December 22, 2014

Random Photos From the Past Two Months

Of course, as I was sorting through all my photos, I found a few that don't really fit anywhere in particular, but they brought a smile to my face, so I wanted to make sure to include them.  I should really take more pictures of our random-day-to-day activities!  Here goes:

Zach's very first football injury (the shiner below his left eye) occurred on the last day of flag football when another kid's head collided with his own.  Despite the initial pain, he was very proud he had physical proof of the injury. 

The card Allie made for me during the week I was experiencing the plague. 

Both kids heading out to birthday parties one Saturday morning.  Olivia was tagging along for the ride. 

Olivia had her four year well-check, but because she couldn't stop coughing, they made her put a mask on.  She was not the least...but because of the influenza craze, she was masked.  She was almost in tears about the whole ordeal and it probably did not help that I was laughing the whole time.  I'm sure I looked like the worst mom ever...laughing at my kid while she was coughing up a lung and wearing a mask! 

Miraculously, she was cured of all coughing when I told her she could remove the mask if she could keep her coughs in. 

Olivia carefully selected her outfit for preschool one morning...complete with one bracelet for each arm.

Olivia's new way of sporting her favorite color. 

Why do they do this?!  I don't even want to go there!  He's 7 people!  We have a long time before high school graduation...right?!  RIGHT?!

Olivia spent the afternoon drawing and constructing her own Christmas angels.  I did not help at all.  Finn was not amused.

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