Monday, January 26, 2015

Welcome Will!

My newest nephew, Will, was born last Tuesday and I couldn't wait to be able to see him in person!  I had a pretty nasty cold all week long, so I was very thankful to be feeling better by Friday so I could travel to my sister and brother-in-law's house with my dad and brother for the weekend (my mom was already there) while Ben held down the fort with the kids and dogs at home. 

Will is definitely a cutie pie!  I enjoyed holding him, cuddling him, admiring his tiny little features, and taking far too many pictures!

Big brother Drew is adjusting well to his new baby brother.  We had a grand time this weekend together racing cars, reading books, and playing piano.  I'm sure these two little guys will be best buds as they grow up.

Although tired, my sister and brother in law are doing great as well!  I think the second time around, while still full of many challenges, is easier overall on parents. 

What a great weekend!  We are definitely looking forward to going back over spring break to introduce Will to his Uncle Ben and crazy cousins! 

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