About Me

I am wife to my best friend and high school sweetie, Ben and mom to our three kiddies:  Allie, Zach, and Olivia. 

Although the majority of the time I answer to various forms of  Mom, Mommy, or Mama, Jennifer is what those over the age of six who do not share my DNA are accustomed to calling me.  Ben would say that we live as displaced Packer's fans in Viking country, but since I could really care less about football, I just tell people we call the Twin Cities home. 

In my previous life, I thought for sure I would be a professional flutist and even have a Master's Degree in Flute Performance to show for it.  However, my world changed with the birth of our first daughter and I could not be more thankful that God gave me what he knew I needed and not what I thought I wanted. 

After a short-lived, yet impassioned period of scrapbooking that produced one mighty fine scrapbook chronicling our first year of marriage, I came to the realization that I actually loathe scrapbooking and therefore would not be joining the ranks of Midwestern scrap moms. So, I packed up my card stock and glue dots in exchange for a Blogger account where I share pictures of my family and write about all my experiences as a wife and mom:  the good times and the not so good times, the organized and the chaotic, the laughter and the tears. 

Meet the Fam:


The Hubby:  Ben                                                                                             ____________________________________________________   

While I spend my days as chauffeur and activity director for the three youngest members of our family, Ben works hard as a civil engineer managing roadway construction sights.  Needless to say, in the nine years we've been married I've learned more than I ever thought I would need to know about bridges, roads, concrete, and asphalt. 

Kiddie #1:  Allie                               _______________________                                         _________________________________________________________                         

Talkative, outgoing, friendly, compassionate, and imaginative are just a few words that best describe our seven year old Allie-babe.  She just began first grade this year and has high hopes of one day growing up to be a princess ballerina, a librarian, or a vet. 

 Kiddie #2:  Zach                             ________________________________________________________________________                                            ___________________                       

Our five year old Zacker boy is a budding conversationalist and comedian who is always looking for ways to make us laugh.  His love for cookies and ice cream just may surpass his passion for all things Cars 2 and Green Bay Packer.  When he grows up, he is adamant about being a dad or a weatherman.

Kiddie #3:  Olivia                                                                           _____________________________________________________________________                    

Our two year old Olivia, happily the baby of the family, is always full of smiles and laughs.  She definitely knows how to be heard in our family of talkers and once she began talking herself, she never stopped.  She loves to sing, push her babies around in the stroller, read books, and is enamored by the world of Minnie Mouse. 

Photo Credit for all Photographs on this page:   Karen Feder Photography.